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Issues related to functionality, and other specifics

Does the cart work with both NTSC and PAL systems
Yes, the cart will detect the type of N64 it's booted on, and change TV modes accordingly. It will also, by default, start software with this region.

What about stuff that's not from my own region?
If your N64 is NTSC, PAL software will either autodetect and run fine, or show a region notice. Same goes for the reverse. There's also an option to force software to run in the opposite region.
  • NTSC console: PAL software defaults to 50hz, can be forced to 60hz. NTSC color signal.
  • PAL console: NTSC software defaults to 60hz, can be forced to 50hz. PAL color signal.
Most european and PAL televisions will work just fine with 60hz PAL colors. The inverse is not true of almost all NTSC televisions.
Lately, testing with LCD flatscreens with TV tuners reveals that these newer units get confused when you mix and match colors and sync rates like this. An old tube CRT is best in this case.

What memory card should I buy?
It's been tested with 128MB, 2GB, 4GB, and 16GB CF cards. In addition to this, 1GB through 128GB microSD cards have been tested. Beware of counterfeit memory cards. If you're lucky, they'll be super slow, or may not work in the 64drive at all.

What image formats are supported?
Supports both byteswapped (V64) and normal (Z64 and others).

Is there a special naming scheme?
No, you can name your files whatever you want. Compatibility info is determined by looking at the file headers.

Will things like Goldeneye and Super Mario hacks run?
Some of them work, some don't. It has to do with the way they're made (sometimes poorly) and nothing to do with the cartridge itself. A notable exception is Goldeneye: X which is developed to run on both emulators and real N64s.

What about "hi-res" texture packs?
Won't ever work in a million years. The N64 has 4 kilobytes of texture memory, this is a hardware limitation. No way to get around it.

Does it work with a Gameshark?
In USB mode it may work for some games, and it's been tested only a small amount. Built-in cheat support may come in the future.
Questions that don't fall into the above section

How long has this been in development?
About two years. Not counting the few years of N64 related experimenting I did before this

You said 99.9% compatible?
Only two games are known to not run, and one is fixable. Details in the manual.

I REALLY need to be able to play EVERY one.
You need to put in a 6105 CIC and jump a small connection on the back of the board. Details in the manual.

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