NEW: UltraSave is now available!
From the beginning, I designed the hardware like I had always wanted for years

  • 64Mbytes (512Mbit) SDRAM

  • CompactFlash memory card slot (up to 128GB)

  • MicroSD memory card slot (up to 64GB)
Transfer speeds
  • USB: 7-8 megabytes/second

  • CF/SD: 8-20 megabytes/second
Supports all known save types:
  • EEPROM (4k, 16k), SRAM (256k, 768k), FlashRAM
  • Automatically writes save data in realtime, no need to reset
Menu system
Clean, simple and functional design that flows well with the system

  • Easy to navigate around folders.

  • Stores type-specific save files (.eep, .sra, .fla) in a "Saves" folder with the games

  • You can override the cart's settings when loading an image.

  • No special software required to set up, just plug the memory card into a reader on your computer and drag the files over.

  • High resolution: 640x480 for clarity

  • Can be skinned with your own background!


In action
Photos from Midwest Gaming Classic 2011

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