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1 64drive, CIC installed, case and USB cable.
Everything you need to get started.
2 Just the 64drive circuit board.
You'll need to solder in a 6102/7101 CIC.
Please read these before purchasing

How much is shipping?

$6 to the US, and $14 for the rest of the world.

What's the difference between NTSC and PAL?

They refer to the type of television used in your country.
USA, Japan, Canada, Brazil, some of South America
UK, Spain, France, most of Europe, Australia

To see a more complete list, look here

How can I tell which one I have?

Look at the bottom rear edge of one of your games.
NTSC games will have a small notch on each outermost edge, and are labeled NUS-USA on the back label.
PAL games have that same notch inset about 6mm, and also are labeled NUS-EUR-1.


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