Support information

I'm a huge N64 enthusiast, and this is a side project I've done out of my love for the platform. Because of real life I probably can't answer emails immediately but I try to check up every 2-3 days.
Please email only the below address for correspondence about 64drive.


Follow the @retroactive_llc twitter account to stay up on releases


Name Description Date Link
Quick-start Guide Get started quickly with 64drive. 2017/04/26
User Manual Detailed description of how to use the cart 2014/12/14
Hardware Specification Describes the hardware and how to talk to it via N64 and PC. 2017/12/29
UltraSave Quick-start Shows how to assemble and use. n/a


You must have at least firmware 2.00 to apply these upgrades. Click on "Legacy Downloads" below to find out how to upgrade if you have firmware 1.00-1.05.

Name Description Date Version Link
Menu Release notes in archive 2017/09/16 1.14d
Firmware [HW2] Newer HW2 units have been produced since November 2016. Release notes and instructions: 2018/01/04 2.05
Firmware [HW1] Older HW1 units were produced from 2011 to 2016. Release notes and instructions: 2017/12/27 2.05
USB Loader tool Release notes inside. Basic Linux port 2017/12/27 n/a
UltraSave tool Now supports SJIS cart titles. 2017/03/04 1.05
USB Drivers FTDI D2XX drivers for Windows x86/x64 2017/08/30 2.12.28

Sample Code

Name Description Date Link
Sample: USB 1 Example of how to do target-side USB communications on N64. 2017/12/29
UltraSave sample source code Source code in C# to demonstrate basic operations with UltraSave. 2017/12/29

Label replacement

64drive HW1 models produced before about July 2013 are eligible for a free label upgrade.