Support information

I'm a huge N64 enthusiast, and this is a side project I've done out of my love for the platform. Because of real life I probably can't answer emails immediately but I try to check up every 2-3 days.
Please email only the below address for correspondence about 64drive.

About outstanding orders (2019-Jan-11):
There is currently a decent-sized backlog of orders. Due to several things like parts availability, real-life obligations and UltraHDMI ramping up, I've not been able to ship many orders or respond to emails the way they should be taken care of.
Fortunately, boards are now clearing customs and on the way to me. I am also working on a big bonus to everyone who ordered in 2018...
If you have questions on your order, can't wait for a refund or need to change the shipping address, I've set up a temporary address -
Thanks for all your support and I will get all these orders sorted soon as possible. - Marshall


Follow the @retroactive_llc twitter account to stay up on releases


Name Description Date Link
Quick-start Guide Get started quickly with 64drive. 2017/04/26
User Manual Detailed description of how to use the cart 2019/01/22
Hardware Specification Describes the hardware and how to talk to it via N64 and PC. 2018/12/10
UltraSave Quick-start Shows how to assemble and use. n/a


You must have at least firmware 2.00 to apply these upgrades. Click on "Legacy Downloads" below to find out how to upgrade if you have firmware 1.00-1.05.

Name Description Date Version Link
Menu Release notes in archive 2018/12/10 1.14e
Firmware [HW2] Newer HW2 units have been produced since November 2016. Release notes and instructions: 2018/01/04 2.05
Firmware [HW1] Older HW1 units were produced from 2011 to 2016. Release notes and instructions: 2017/12/27 2.05
USB Loader tool Release notes inside. Basic Linux port 2018/12/10 n/a
UltraSave tool Now supports reflashing UFLC upgrade carts 2019/01/31 1.06
USB Drivers FTDI D2XX drivers for Windows x86/x64 2017/08/30 2.12.28

Sample Code

Name Description Date Link
Sample: USB 1 Example of how to do target-side USB communications on N64. 2017/12/29
UltraSave sample source code Source code in C# to demonstrate basic operations with UltraSave. 2017/12/29

Label replacement

64drive HW1 models produced before about July 2013 are eligible for a free label upgrade.