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This is a side project I've done out of enthusiasm for the N64 platform, unfortunately I cannot respond to all emails instantly, I appreciate your patience.

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Firmware 2.04 upgrade available!
Release Notes, Instructions
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1.00-1.05 2.00-2.03
Easy Upgrade (2.02)
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Please also review the 2.00 release notes
Upgrade package (2.04)

Menu (1.14c) 2.04 1.01
USB Loader tool (2016-10-08)
USB Drivers (FTDI D2XX)
Label replacement
Free replacement labels for older 64drives

64drives shipped before about July 2013 have the old style front label.
It has been brought to my attention that these labels fade easily and are easily susceptible to sun and water damage.

I am now offering to send out free replacement labels along with instructions, both domestic and international.
Just send me an email at the above address with the subject: "New 64drive label request" and be sure to include your mailing address in the message body.

The new labels are professionally die-cut vinyl that is both UV and water resistant. They have a slightly revised design which is shown to the right.

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