NEW: UltraSave is now available!
Pull save data from real cartridges at 2MB/sec

Have countless hours in a savegame that you'd like to bring over to your 64drive or an emulator?

It's now possible to read and write save chips from any game through the 64drive via USB. (Yes, it can dump proto carts!)

Supports all known save types:
  • EEPROM (4k, 16k)
  • SRAM (256k, 768k)
  • FlashRAM
  • RTC
  • 64drive with >= 2.03 firmware
  • 12V DC power supply/wall adapter, center tip positive [example]
Software and Usage
Automatically detects cartridge size and save type heuristically

You can either use the easy, automatic graphical tool (Windows only) or the commandline tool.
.NET framework 2.0 or later is required for the graphical tool.
Documentation Quick-start Guide [TODO]

UltraSave tool (1.05)

USB Loader tool
USB Drivers (FTDI D2XX)
Card processing via Stripe only


Price is $20 USD.
Shipping is $4 for orders within USA, and $13 for international orders.

To keep costs down, untracked First-Class Mail will be used. Tracking requires Priority which triples the shipping cost, but let me know if you prefer that.

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