Features and Specs

Hardware Specifications

  • 256 Mbytes (2 Gbit) DDR2 SDRAM
  • microSD memory card slot (up to 128GB)
Transfer Speeds
  • USB: 20+ Mbyte/sec
  • SD: 23 Mbyte/sec
  • WiFi ESP8266 802.11b/g/n
  • USB micro-B connector
  • Debug pushbutton on back
Supported save types
  • EEPROM (4k, 16k), SRAM (256k, 768k), FlashRAM
  • Real-time clock
Hardware lockout emulation
  • Automatic region switching
  • NTSC CIC: 6102, 6101, 6103, 6105, 6106, 8303, 5101
  • PAL CIC: 7101, 7102, 7103, 7105, 7106

Clean and simple menu system

  • Just drop files and folders from your PC
  • You can always override automatic settings
  • Runs in high resolution 640x480
  • Can be easily skinned with your own background JPEG
  • Fluid and responsive to user input
Transfer Controller Pak data easily
  • Easily make up to 6 virtual paks
  • Swap them out with the real one at will
  • Can be loaded from a computer/internet

UltraSave cart tool

Easily transfer save games from real carts

Have many hours of work in a game you played a while ago? You can now backup the save data to a PC, and restore it later.
Definitely useful for servicing games with internal batteries.

  • Supports all known save types
  • Reads data at up to 2 MB/sec
  • Supports prototype carts
Simple graphical tool

No knowledge is necessary to use UltraSave. Instead of using a large lookup table to know about all the different games out there, it uses advanced heuristics to not only detect the game size but layout as well.

Now it's possible to transfer saves between a real game and an emulator, or the 64drive itself. (All 64drives ever produced are compatible)

Requires a 12V DC center-tip positive power brick