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Each $199 purchase contains

  • 64drive cartridge
  • micro-B USB cable
  • Quick Start guide
Shipping Costs
  • $9 USD to United States
  • $28 USD to rest of the world
Orders are temporarily on hold (May 2021)
Because of the large number of pending orders I've decided to put things on hold so I can catch up.
Plastics case samples have arrived and are looking great. Once T1 plastics production has started the backlog will be filled and new orders opened.

Which version should I get?

Look on the bottom rear corners of the games you use with your console. American-type cases have 6mm notches on the very outer corner, while International-type games have this notch inset by 1cm.

American-type cases were mostly used in United States, Canada, and Brazil. Almost all other countries use the International-type casing.

Note that 64drive internally can work with any console, as long as the plastic case fits inside your console. So, for example, you could use the same 64drive on an Australian or European console as well as a Japanese console

UltraSave ordering

  • Shipped with acrylic plates and hardware
  • Requires a Philips screwdriver to assemble
  • Requires a 12 volt DC power supply - see more
Shipping Costs
  • $4 USD to United States
  • $13 USD to rest of the world