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What is it?
The ultimate homebrew tool for the Nintendo 64

  • Loads software from a CompactFlash or MicroSD memory card

  • Easy navigation of files and folders with a cleanly designed menu

  • Most games load in 2-3 seconds

  • Handles saving automatically, even rare types

  • Supports 99.9% of all known images

  • All software is upgradeable, no special cables or dongles are required
Great for coding
Instantly see your code running on real hardware. Invaluable for debugging

So you've been programming and want to try out your code on a real N64. Well, this is the cartridge for you.
  • Load over USB 2.0 at 7-8 megabytes/second

  • 64Mbytes (512Mbits) of SDRAM

  • If you still need more space, your code while running on the N64 can load data from the memory card.

  • Memory card interface is fully documented

  • Source code for the USB loader and communications is provided

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