What is it?

As a big N64 fan, a few years ago I wanted some way to try out my homebrew on a real console, play translations, and just to mess around in general -- but from looking at all the other solutions on the market there appeared to be tons of room for improvement and I started to make my own.

After a lot of work and several years of iteration since then, what you see is the result.

It's an extremely high quality product used by hobbyist and professional developers alike.

How do you use it?

Easy menu-based loading

  • Drop your software on a microSD card
  • Easily navigate around with a clean menu system
  • Even the biggest known games load in just 2 seconds
  • Automatically handles all known save types
  • 100% compatibility with all known cartridge images
  • Firmware upgradeable after purchase

Powerful USB system

  • Use the open-source PC tool to manipulate any part of emulated memory and more
  • 100% hard logic USB system requires no intervention from the N64 CPU
  • Ability to match hardware functionality 1:1 for any cartridge (lockout chip, save, etc)
  • Full hardware register documentation for all parts of the cartridge

What else can it do?

UltraSave cartridge tool

  • Read and also write saved games from real cartridges
  • Archive cartridges, even supports rare proto carts nothing else can handle!
  • Easy graphical tool on the PC deals with all the details for you
  • Supports all known save types, even the rare ones
  • Inexpensive, just re-uses the brains of your 64drive

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